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How long does it take doxycycline to work? Your doctor will usually review you after 4 to 6 weeks to check how well the medicine is working. If you are taking doxycycline for any other infection, tell your doctor if you don't start feeling better after 3 days.
What are some of the most powerful antibiotics? Top 10 List of Brand Name Antibiotics Amoxil. Cipro. Keflex. Bactrim, Bactrim DS. Levaquin. Zithromax. Avelox. Cleocin.
Do I have BV or thrush? Vaginal thrush is caused by infection with a yeast called Candida, whereas BV is caused by an imbalance in bacteria in the vagina. If you have thrush, your discharge is usually thick and white (looks like cottage cheese) as opposed to thin and watery in BV. It may smell 'yeasty', not fishy.
Can you have sepsis and not know it? The signs and symptoms of sepsis following a bad infection are often subtle and can be mistaken for those of other serious conditions. However, sepsis typically involves the following main features in someone who has had a recent infection, and symptoms can come on quickly.
Which antibiotics kill E coli? Antibiotics which may be used to treat E. coli infection include amoxicillin, as well as other semisynthetic penicillins, many cephalosporins, carbapenems, aztreonam, trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole, ciprofloxacin, nitrofurantoin and the aminoglycosides. Antibiotic resistance is a growing problem.
Can bactrim treat bacterial vag? Not all bacteria will respond to Bactrim. This means that some bacteria may be susceptible to Bactrim in certain parts of the country but not in others. Treatment of bacterial vaginosis shall perhaps require another antibiotic, please do seek medical advice.
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